Construction & Waste Management

Construction and Demolition Waste Management Policy

The company’s first policy on every project is to prevent and minimise waste, which is succeeded by reuse and recycling. On the larger projects a specific waste management plan is developed and operated. The basis of this plan is covered under the following headings:

  • Analysis of likely waste / material surplus.
  • Specific waste management objectives for the project.
  • Methods proposed for recycling / reuse of materials material handling procedures.
  • Proposal for the education of the work force.
  • Supplier / sub- contractor co-ordination (require the supplier to take back / buy back surplus and substandard / rejected materials.)
  • Operate a ‘just in time’ delivery system.

Scheduling and Executing Projects

Prior to the commencement of each project a schedule and a method statement describing the construction phases of the project is submitted to the architect for review. All projects schedules are planned on either Microsoft project, Sure Trak or Primavera depending on which is the most convenient and compatible with client’s requirements and sometimes this may include a phased completion of the project.
All projects are carried out in accordance with the approved method statements and schedule. Progress reports are regularly issued to compare actual progress with scheduled progress, so the client and design team have a clear picture of the project’s performance.

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